It is our goal at Rose Industrial to become the single source for all your fastener needs. In order to achieve this we will work with you to create an inventory management solution tailored to your business. We also provide value-added services that help set us apart. Some of the more common solutions and services include:

Stock and Release Program: Let us hold your inventory so you don't have to. Releases can be scheduled to meet the demands of your production schedules.

Vendor Managed Inventory: Allow us to work with you to establish re-order points and continuously monitor your inventory levels. We can replenish your stock at various locations within your facility.

Stock to Dock Capabilities: We can pull from thousands of SKU's on-hand in our warehouse and ship them directly to your dock. What we don't have can be quickly sourced to ensure timely delivery.

Value-Added Services: Our additional services include the following:

  • Plating: Black Oxide, Nickel, Mechanical and Hot Dip Galvanizing and more
  • Reworking: Drilling, Shaving and Grinding per Print Specification
  • Locking and Sealing: Nylon Patch, Nylon Pellet, Thread Locker, etc.
  • Bagging, Kitting and Special Packaging customized to your needs